Hotel Roanoke

Our quick lil getaway to Roanoke was such a treat! We had the BEST time and got to explore some new terrain, not too far away... and celebrate our 2 year Anniversary! The hubs planned the whole trip too - which I loved!!

Just a sneak peak from our adventures in Roanoke...

Upon arriving, J told me I needed to check into the front desk so they could give me a key - so I could get on the elevator? {Hmmm...} So, I did and was told we were in 701. So when I arrived on our floor... 701 was the only room - the Governor's Suite! haha The place was crazy huge... bigger than our house! It also had a sweet balcony with amazing views of the city!

We spent some time at the pool that afternoon, then popped open some bubbly {that was supposed to be be drank at our wedding - but got left in Lex... and since last year we were in Jamaica.... it finally got drank} and boy was it delicious! We enjoyed some nice treats from the hotel and opened gifts! {insert tomorrow's blog here}

The evening started with drinks in the Pine Room - such a neat bar in the hotel! 

We had dinner at Frankie Rowland's. A-mazing. Probably the best steak I have ever had. Hands down.  {sorry the pics were so dark, the atmosphere was pretty swanky -ha} Notice the large to-go bag Jesse has... we pretty much took half of our meals home there was so much food. ha!

We were so impressed by downtown Roanoke. I have never spent much time downtown... but they have some really great shops and places to eat. 

 The open-air market is also really cool... lots of fresh veggies and plants, bread, honey, trinkets, etc. We enjoyed time in the city market the next morning - and picked up a great lil breakfast at On the Rise Bakery. So delicious!   

We had a great time celebrating our 2 year Anniversary in Roanoke - and only had to take a few hours off work. It was a nice lil mid-week getaway. Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on "cotton anniversary gifts" and what we got for each other. 

xo, trace

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  1. Looks like the perfect little get-away! Glad ya'll had fun:)