Happy May Day!

Happy MAY day!  I have decided that this is going to be my motto for today and this month... “Try them, try them, and you MAY! Try them and you MAY, I say.”  ~ Dr. Suess, Green Eggs and Ham 

Today, I'm setting out to try new things this month and reach out of my comfort zone... to forgive the bad, and remember all the good. To count my blessings and sweep the others under the rug, and to realize that many things are out of my control, but my attitude lies only in my hands! 

April is officially over, and where did it go you ask?  It went a lot like this...

Veggie gardens

A couple trips to the Library... unpacking spring cloths... goodwill... alterations and dry-cleaning. 

The Dentist. Ouch!

Lots of fresh Flowers {inside & out}

Magazines... and Events, and work. Lots of work.

Live Music at Blue Lab.

Antiquing in Staunton with the KA Ladies

Outdoor runs... W&W... and bike rides

A dinner date in Staunton with M&M

Oyster Roasts & Lexington Supper Club

A new ED at Work

AOII Team Meeting in Baltimore

Keenland and Kentucky with Dot & Stephen

CF Walk and Fundraisers. 

A few birthdays, births and anniversaries... and a whole lot o fun! 

So happy to say that my April to-do list is pretty much complete and I am looking forward to May!
I'm off to W&W with the ladies and leave my work behind... anyone else feel like they just finished a marathon today? 

One more day until vacation!! 

Xo, Trace

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