KJ says Goodbye to Lex!

Happy Monday {and June too}!

We had a really nice weekend here in Lex. Friday we kicked off our first Friday's Alive of the summer - a summer concert series hosted by the Jaycees that raises funds for local charities - and it was a huge success! We had near perfect weather, great attendance and a brand new stage in Davidson Park!  After the concert we celebrated KJ's last night in Lex. Which is what I wanted to dedicate today's blog to. My Dear KJ, where to begin...

Kelly was my "right-hand lady" here at the office and it's Day 1 and I already miss her to pieces!!! She's off to bigger and better things in the big city of St. Louis, but she made time for bagels with me and the hubs this am before she left town. I thought it would be fun to re-cap some of my favorite memories with KJ since she moved to town...  {you can thank KJ for being so good at documenting all our good times}

Day 1 in Lex for her Interview!
{Please note the change in hairstyles from Day 1 to Day 730 - hehe}

Kelly's First Christmas in Lex... Jaycee's Party, Gingerbread Houses and Miracle on Moore Street!

So the fun begins... with Costume Parties,

Board meetings... and Nashville! 

...and Chamber Dinner Dances. 

...and wedding crashing. :)

Convention 2012 

We didn't miss a B'ette night {even on the road}.

We even went to the Circus!

And Wayne's Lanes!

...and even when KJ couldn't be there, she was there in spirit!

We can't forget Wine Fest {x2}

...and Pumpkin Carving!

And more costume parties...Moore Street... and Christmas! 

And one last big trip to the Vinyards!

Not to mention our Walk n Wobble nights... trips to Sweet Frog {and critters}... Target, Ross, Chick-fil-a and TJ Maxx runs. Fried Pickles, Drive-In's, Wine Nights, Donny-T's, Football days, Floats down the River, Goshen, Boat Drinks, Back-yard BBQ's, Vineyards, the Palms, Natty Bo, snowflakes and the Inaugural Gobble Wobble!

I hope you will always remember your time here in Lex and cherish the memories, because I know I certainly will!  I can only hope that one day you will have monograms on your towels... Lilly in your closet and a pineapple on your shelf... and that you'll always remember that there is a backyard at the Lyons' Den that could use your company! 

I love you KJ!! ....and miss you dearly!! 

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  1. What a sweet tribute to a fantastic little lady! Wish our time in Lex had overlapped but I enjoyed getting to know KJ during our visits and wish her all the best!