Eat your Peas

Wednesday, a co-worker brought in a gift her mother had given her for Valentine's day this year. It was a small little book - let's say 4 x 4 in size - and she handed it to me and said. You should read this, it's great.  I took it and set it aside... to continue checking my email and responding to requests. We had a small project to get out this morning, so she came back in to work on it... mid-way through, she could tell I was just frustrated {remember the no good, very bad, terrible day}. So she said, take 3 minutes and read the book - I just want to see you smile. :)  So, I caved... stopped working and read it. . . . . . .

And it was the best 3 minute book I've ever read. It put a HUGE smile on my face and made we want to read it again.  It just makes you feel happy, special and needed.  It kinda makes you forget what you're doing and remember that at the end of the day - things will be ok - YOU are what is most important. O, and don't forget to eat your peas. 

The books are written by Cheryl {& Mom} Karpen - and they are a series... I read Eat your Peas for Young Adults, but they have more....ones for moms, sisters, moms-to-be, daughters, sons, girlfriends, you name it. If you're looking for a little happy for someone you love, it's the perfect gift.  I have a few special people in mind that should expect one soon. :)

I promise... "It only takes 3 minutes to read, but you'll hold onto it forever."

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