Happy Hearts!

Wishing you all a very Happy St. Valentine's Day!! Sending lots of love to my sweetie today... we slept in and grabbed bagels for a morning treat {love me some cinnamon raisin walnut cream cheese from Hillel... I'm thinking that may be a how-to blog post soon}. We have a very low-key day planned, with some sweet treats involved too! 

Today's post is dedicated to Valentines... you know the cheesy paper kind!  Well, last night while scrolling through Facebook, I enjoyed seeing all my momma friends late-night posts with their kids Valentines {that they spent all night on... or just finished... or had friends over to help finish}. I must say, even the crafty do-it-yourself girl here was impressed. These mommas go all out!  When I reminisce Valentines Day in grade school, I remember Care-Bear & Star Wars fold it cards - strategically picked from the mile-long aisle at Wal-Mart - bought weeks in advance, so you got the good ones... and then spending hours filling out each one by hand and writing fun notes to all my class mates {Saving that super special one for your BBFFL- haha}. I don't suppose this happens anymore?  Maybe so, but I can't decide if this Pinterest-lovin, crafty do it all women wishes they were still cool... or secretly wishes I had a child so I could make these adorable Valentines for their friends?  haha 

Either way, I wanted to share some of my favorites from Facebook:

Mustaches seem to be hot this year!  Why are babies just so darn cute in a mustache??

These two were some of my favorites... love the S'more play on words {and the heart Peeps} and who doesn't love a cute cuddly bear? 

Saw lots of goldfish this year... guess they are a hot commodity around 2-5 year olds. The choo-choo quote is so flash back to high school and the Simpsons. Love it, Abby

This was one of the most creative I saw... what a great {and economical idea}. Next year stock up on those .50 boxes of candy canes on the clearance aisle after Christmas and get to work making some hearts - precious idea, Nancy!  

Hope all these lucky kiddos enjoy their special Valentines.  Have a wonderful heart day with your sweeties!  


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