Spring means Lilly!

We've been busy lil bees this past week... I apologize for my lack of blogging. Too long staring at the computer screen during the day... not getting a workout in before work... and work/volunteer meetings at night made for a very long week and zero blogging time, but I'm back!  And I am super excited for the week ahead.  I'm almost overwhelmed with two holidays in one week though... I kinda wish we could spread it out a lil more. Valentines most def gets pushed to the side when it's Mardi Gras season!

We have a fun Mardi Gras meal planned for tonight that I will share tomorrow... along with more pics from last week.  I also have some fun Valentine treats in store for Feb. 14... but I will say after getting a taste of warm weather while we were on the coast for Mardi Gras made me craving spring! Thanks to Mr. Groundhog, it should be heading our way early... so I thought for tonight what better way to highlight the season than with all things LILLY!  I was really spoiled this holiday season and racked up in the Lilly department. Here are some of my favorites that I use each and every day:

They make every day a little bit brighter!

This was probably my favorite Lilly gift I received this year from the hubs: The Virginia State Print Murphy Scarf. Not only is it beautiful, but it was so thoughtful... and will be such a fun scarf to wear for many years to come and always remember this special time we have shared in Virginia.

They have 6 different states... and every one of them is unique. 
{no Alabama though... I already tried to purchase for a gift twice with no luck} 
They would make the perfect gift for any lady who loves Lilly and the South! 

I have since added a few more Lilly items to the closet for spring, including a pair of white casual resort jeans... and new pair of navy Callahan shorts {the only shorts that I wear}... some cute swim bottoms {thank you early-spring sale) and a pink casual ruffle dress. What's on your Lilly wish list for this year? I know I have quite a few more I could add... I was never a Lilly fan, I'm not sure what had happened to me?

The spring magazine even made the coffee table because I loved the cover so much.

Cheers to a bright, bold & beautiful spring! 

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