Junkin Reno: Getting Started!

It's finally starting to sink-in that we just bought a house. A really big house, one that needs lots of love, time and that lil green stuff that we wish grew on trees. Speaking of... we have lots of those. I need to find my green thumb. And quick - everything is starting to bloom. It's beautiful and overwhelming all at the same time.

Demo officially started on Friday, March 31 at 6:45 a.m. when our asbestos removal crew arrived. They were done by noon - and it was like the icky basement tile never even existed. ha!

When the dumpster arrived, it started to feel real.
We have five rooms that the contractor isn't touching that need wallpaper removal, so we got to work. The foyer was the hardest because of the stairs, so we tackled that first. It took about a day and half of work, (and some much needed helping hands and baby-sitters) but the foyer, stairs and upstairs landing are now wallpaper-free. The key to wallpaper removal - HOT WATER!! And lots of it. We soaked the walls, let it sit, and it peeled right off with a good putty knife.

My fabulous membership coordinator, who just happens to love peeling wallpaper. Yay!

This is the glue under the paper, but it looks sorta cool, huh?

We had lots of visitors over to see the house, and it was so fun watching Annalee explore. She loves the stairs - of course - and the huge hill in the backyard. We hid some eggs in the bonus room just off the dining, and her and Hadley had a little Easter egg hunt Friday after work. They also loved playing on the {really dirty} screened porch. We may be moving that one up on the priority list

Kara was so gracious to let Annalee come play Saturday morning, so we could work. This was taken later that afternoon after nap time. We had a much-needed popsicle break 

and by Saturday evening... wallpaper free!

On Sunday, we started work in the study, just off the foyer. The wallpaper was a quaint little red brick pattern and the only non-flower room in the house. It was newer (replaced in 1998, according to the previous owners), so it came off a little easier.

We  also had our first fall at the new house, walking down the front brick steps. She missed one and took quite a tumble. Poor girl. We let Daddy do work the rest of the day and spent time at home napping and taking it easy.

Other than the work in those two/three rooms, we picked up piles and piles of sticks from the yard, cut back a few overgrown vines, and met with our tree service. They will be by later this week to trim up the beautiful trees in the front yard and open the lawn up to some light. Our utilities were all switched over on Friday and we stocked the house with essentials.... toilet paper, trash bags, paper towels, lots of beer (lacroix for momma) and snacks.

Our contractor and his demo crew arrive first thing this morning to begin demo in the kitchen, bathrooms and master suite. I'll try to keep us as much as possible - would love to be able and look back on this reno project!

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