Junkin Reno: Bonus Room/Den Demo

House updates! J and a friend tackled the bonus room/den this weekend that needed a lot of TLC. Fist task - removing a full wall of shelves that was previously in the room. Taking down the shelves was easy, but removing the tall brackets from the wall - another story.  All of the screws needed to be hand spun out, since they were covered with a couple layers of nice white paint. It was a fun little chore, but they got done in a couple hours work.

Annalee on closing day in the bonus room. The before.

The progress.

We also removed two benches that had been added beside the fireplace. A little bit of masonry work will need to be done to patch the leftover holes in the fireplace. 

We also ripped out the old dingy carpet and padding and prepped the ground for new carpet.
So, what's our plan for this room?

We aren't quite certain what it's  going to be used for. Most likely a den/playroom casual hangout space. It's right off the dining room and back porch and has a ton of great windows. We're pretty sure the previous owners used it as a sunroom of sorts. There are a ton of hooks in the ceiling from hanging plants and lots of circles where I'm sure plants sat on the old benches by the windows.

We love the brick fireplace and plan to have it restored to working order next fall. It needs a nice coat of white paint and a new mantle piece, but otherwise it's got great character. I've never had a fireplace in a home we owned - and now we have two! We're still debating whether to make one a gas burning and one a wood burning - or leave them both wood burning. We love a real wood fire, but at the same time, it might be nice to have the option of a gas burning for those cold winter week-nights when we want a quick fire.

We'll be painting the walls a light gray, and removing the wooden blinds. Our plan for now is to install all-white floor to ceiling curtain panels, but no blinds. Keep it open, airy and casual.

After lots of online research for white curtains that won't break the bank, I found Kellynan's Blog and was sold on the Ikea Ritva curtains. With 7 windows, the $$$'s add up quick when you start looking at window treatments.

This is a glimpse at Kelleynan's home - the curtains work perfect!

This is also our inspiration for the mantle. 

Lots of other house updates in progress. Up next, kitchen planning!

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  1. Looking good! Kudos to J---sounds lie he's been working hard! You should keep Caravati's in mind for a future mantel!