Junkin Reno: Demo Day!

House updates!! We are making all kinds of progress. The real demo "day" lasted about a week... and is still on-going. Not sure how HGTV's Fixer-Upper gets it done in a day. But our crew has been working all week - maybe not 24 hours a day - but they are certainly making progress. 

The kitchen demo is completely done. They ran into one little snafu and found more asbestos tile under the current kitchen flooring - so one day was spent on remediation - but glad its done. And really, easy fix in the grand scheme of things. 

They opened up the kitchen to the dining area. In the end it will be more open, but anything structural had to stay put for now. Or just until they can place in a new beam.
They also opened up the dining area into the living room. It already makes a huge difference. This one will stay pretty close to this footprint - with a large cased opening to set apart the dining and living areas. 
Did I mention that we inherited a piano with the house?  Sweet deal, huh?  Not sure where it's going to go... but in the meantime, it's just hanging out in the middle of the demo. 

Habitat came by on Monday and picked up all the appliances, sinks, and toilets from the current kitchen and baths. I was happy to be able to donate what we could and also happy have those out of the way.
One item still hanging out on the front lawn... the tub from the master bath. ha! I'm sure our neighbors love us at the moment. 
All of the master bathroom demo is complete - with the exception of some structural things in the soon-to-be master bath and closet. You can currently see from the kitchen all the way through to the attic at the moment. It's sorta crazy. 

Kitchen ceiling through the master bath to the attic...

Other baths in progress. Jack and Jill below... that lil insert to the left is where the current sink was. It is a linen closet in the hallway that will be gone soon to create more space in the bathroom for an actual vanity. 
And this is the cute lil square tub we are keeping... with new hardware of course.

This was an interesting find. This is the main level bathroom, behind the mirror.

It's the back of the fireplace in the living room. 

Once was a shower. 

I guess that's all the updates at the moment. 

Termites are all cleaned up from the porch too. They did that last week before demo got started. 

It's almost time to start picking out paint colors and fixtures. My head is already swimming!

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