Crawfish and Masters Weekending

We had the best weekend in town. Friday night we enjoyed time with Jesse's co-workers at one of their houses out in the county. He lives in a renovated barn, so neat. The views were incredible!
Saturday we slept in - thank you Annalee! I never thought I would see the day when I was woken up by the sunshine from my bedroom window. But that was certainly the case on Saturday.

We made pancakes for breakfast - Annalee wanted sprinkles in hers - whatever the princess wants, right?  We then made an early morning run to the store, while Daddy tackled yard work.

I found the most adorable pineapple plates at Wal-Mart and just had to have them. They come in yellow and pink, I got one of each.
Our good friends hosted their annual crawfish boil in the afternoon, complete with Masters coverage for the gents. I'm not sure I actually ever watched any golf... other then our tiny golfers in the backyard.

It was such a beautiful afternoon and we loved spending time with friends! 

Just for fun a look back at the Masters crawfish boil in 2016.

Saturday evening was spent late night on the porch with our neighbors, laughing and catching up with cocktails for them and cocktails for momma.

On palm sunday our local church community hosts a palm sunday processional where all members are welcome to join in a short walk around town, stopping at each church to pray and give blessings. We caught the end of the processional, just in time for mass. It was a really great reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a small town where things like this are still a tradition.

Palm Sunday mass started outside - perfect day for it! And we made it through the extra long passion  as well. Annelee was a sport!

Other than church, Sunday was spent at home. We let Annalee open a lil Easter happy from her godmomma - Thanks Meg!
I unpacked maturity clothes, packed away 5 boxes of my wardrobe that doesn't currently fit, cleaned and did laundry. Jesse tackled some of the yard at the new house and we grilled steaks for dinner.

We did venture out for a later afternoon walk to take Miss Annalee to see the helicopter at our local hospital. She was SO excited!!!

It was a much needed weekend at home with good company and great weather. Cheers to a great holy week friends!

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