Rose with Tracy: Thoughts for November

Can you believe it's already November? I feel like we just put our pumpkins on the porch and pulled out our winter clothes... ok, maybe we were a little late with both of those, but the weather has certainly played a big part in that.

How amazing has this fall been? Warm enough for shorts during the day and cool enough for cozy sweatpants at night. I am loving every minute. I'm certainly not a cold weather gal, so this is the perfect blend of deep south meets Virginia.

We enjoyed October so much, from pumpkin patching to trick-or-treating, we soaked up every once of the day. Annalee loves visiting the playground these days and having one in our backyard keeps us entertained until the sun goes down.

We have watched our fair share of sunrises from the porch and eaten enough pumpkin muffins to keep the pumpkin farmers in business.

I started on my Christmas shopping early - crossing a couple peeps off the list already and trying to get creative with my gifting. I hate the stress if gift-giving, but love, love, love watching others open a gift that I selected just with them in mind. It's the on-going saga that keeps the gifts coming year after year, right?

I do love the holidays. My hubby may love them even more. If there is one time of year that he doesn't keep me from spending, it's at Christmas. He loves Christmas!

So today I thought it would be good to get started early on my holiday prep check-list with a top 10 to get us all Holly and Jolly before December rolls around.

1. Order Christmas cards!
2. Find a plate for Santa - cookies are a bonus!
3. Deep clean the house
4. Clean out craft closet and inventory wrapping paper, boxes, tissue and ribbon.
5. Donate coats from our closet to someone in need.
6. Schedule our 2nd Annual ornament exchange with the girls.
7. Pick out Christmas PJ's for the fam.
8. Deck the Halls once again for Project Horizon.
9. Book plane tickets to Florida for the holidays!
10. Finish Christmas shopping.

Cheers to a fabulous November... lots of Fall goodness, turkey and dressing, football and shopping!

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