Life in November

What have we been up to this November? 

I worked the polls on Election Day. 
We tried Blue Apron for the first time and let me just say that the meals are amazing. So delicious! It's pricy, and the prep is double what it tells you, but every meal has been divine! These are a couple of our favorites. 

Shrimp and Shitake Dumplings

Pork Burgers

I found Miss Annalee the cutest baby duck boots. They are Stride Rite and I found them at Target. You can use code SHOES for 25% off today. I did size up since they are a little hard to get on her feet without a side zipper. 

We have played on the playground a lot. Annalee loves to go down the slide all by herself now. It's cute. We are still working on the swing. ha!

I had a fun surprise on Saturday - Meg planned a girls day out - we only made it to Southern Inn for drinks and lunch - but it was so fun! It's so good to getaway and catch up with just the gals. 

Miss Annalee and I made it to Mass Sunday AM - all by ourselves, since Daddy has been out of town all week. He's back now! But our adventure to mass along was ok - she sat for maybe 20 minutes total and the rest was spent walking up and down the stairs in the narthex - at least I could still hear mass - and we made it through communion. 
I rewarded ourselves with doughnuts after! 

We made a couple trips to the Library to play, and check-out books. 

We took a road trip to visit Gramma and scored a unicorn on the trip! 

This was my make shift table for the weekend at Gramma's. Haha! 

I just started reading The Magnolia Story and it's so good. They have such a cute story! 

Annalee LOVES playing in the leaves. These are a couple pictures Annalee's sitter sent me. 

The hubby had a long work trip to Indy and Kansas City last week - hints my lack in blogging - but he's back and he brought delicious Christopher Elbow chocolates with him! 

Have a great week, friends! 


  1. I have The Magnolia Story on my Christmas list. And I am loving those sweet duck boots!

    The Lovely Latte