#20 | Hiking House Mountain

A couple Sunday's back, we crossed #20 off my 30b430 bucket list. Just in the knick of time, right?   :)

Reading back over the list today, it's hard to believe I wrote this 4.5 years ago.

It seems like yesterday.

We were newly married, living in a tiny 700 sure foot house, blogging a lot more often, living off a tiny salary (or two tiny salaries), traveling like it was our job - because it was - and loving every minute of it.

Not to say that we aren't exactly where we want to be right now, because we are, but it's so fun looking back on how simple times were such a short time ago.

So, back to this bucket list. I still have 10 things to cross off - almost all of which I still would like to do. Not so sure I'm really into Harry Potter these days {sorry hubs}, but never say never, right? I am still in need of some good jeans, a dance class and a sewing lesson. I'm also still waiting on that trip to the BVI's. Maybe for our 10 year anni, since our 5th was spent celebrating our sweet Lyon cub.

#20 | Hike House Mountain

House Mountain is iconic to Lexington. You can see it from every great view in town - it's in the forefront of every sunset, and I've always wanted to see the view from the top. Lets just say that hiking House Mountain was worth every step. The views were incredible! I carried Annalee in the Ergo baby on my back, facing in, on the way up the mountain. She snuggled in and slept for the first 45 minutes of the hike, and then enjoyed the views once we got to the last leg of the hike. The hubs carried her down, on his back again, but facing out this time so she could see me. She loved this!!
A few things to bring - water, snacks for fuel, good socks and hiking boots, and a map of the trail.

We climbed Little House Mountain. It wasn't a walk in the park, we did have to do a little climbing, but it was doable, even with a baby on my back.

It was such a fun and memorable day. I can't wait to go back! 

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  1. Love that the list has made a reappearance! Great pics too...that hike is no joke!