oh hey Friday | #nospendseptember

Linking up with September Farm today for oh hey, Friday! 


Disclaimer ~ not my closet. 

Closet Remix ~ Monday, when I was traveling back from the beach I saw a few posts on Instagram on #nospendseptember, and it intrigued me. During a time of back to school sales and summer steals - how could I possibly stay away. But really, this is the perfect time to stay away from shopping. It's the end of one season - so one more chance to wear all your summer clothes, and the start of a new one - the first chance to unpack all your fall clothes. So, I started right then and there. Mission #nospendseptember is on. No clothes or accessories for the month or September. I'm also keeping track of everything I wear during the month and any summer clothes that don't get worn one last time {and those don't have any sentimental value}, out they go come October. So far, it's been fun to dig into my closet for new outfits each day.  We'll see how day 27 goes. I'll keep you posted! 

circa 2009

Wine Fest ~ Tomorrow is the annual wine festival here in town. It's always a fabulous time... and provides lots of good memories. I'm excited to sit back, relax, and enjoy the Pop Rivets - a local favorite. 
Weekend Special ~ If you're looking to get away for the weekend for cheap, Enterprise has started their fall $9.99/day weekend special. Grab a rental car for the weekend, get out and explore somewhere new!
DIY Headboard ~ This project has been on our wish list for some time now. Even before we got married and J moved in with me, we has been wanting to make a headboard for J's King bed. Well, we are finally doing it. We picked up this guy a few weeks ago at the antique mall and it's been sitting out in the shed drying out for our DIY this weekend. I'm so excited that we may actually have a head board soon.

Lime Kiln ~ One of my goals on my 30B430 List was to attend a concert at the Lime Kiln. Well, about half way through my 29th year, it closed. I guess that was my justification for not finishing the list. {ha!} Well, guess what's open again? The Kiln. We're going tonight for a free concert. I guess that means I can get back to my 30B430 list and call it the "NowUR30 list". Only a couple months to go until it becomes the, "ok, NowUR31 list."  

Have a fabulous weekend friends! Excited to see some of our besties {and my newest little goddaughter} in an hour or so for some tailgating at the kiln and a slumber party at the Lyons' Den. 


  1. Good luck with no spend september! I need to do this too..

    1. Thanks! It's already been hard not buying new orange and blue...