Meet Warby Parker

There are some things in life that you just don't realize you're missing out on. Some are fun and exciting adventures that you don't even know exist, others are everyday adventures or outings that you've just never had to take. Like a trip to the playground to let the kids play, or a road trip with your 12 year old's baseball team for state tournament... or maybe a trip to the international wiffle ball tourney. One can dream, right? What I'm really talking about today is more of the mundane things in life that you only do if you have to or need to... such as a trip to the eyeglass store to pink out new glasses. Thus, the topic for my blog today. I didn't wear glasses growing up, and although one of my brothers could have certainly used a pair {sorry, Rob}, neither of them did. Nor did my parents {until age 50 when they picked up some dollar store magnifiers}, so we never had an excuse to make the trip to pick out frames.

Fast-forward twenty years and during one of my hubs and I's first trips to the mall I spotted some neat frames in an eyeglass store, and said, " Let's go in an try on some new frames, didn't you say you wanted some?"  His face said it all... "why do you think this is fun?"

I had never thought about the fact that trying on glasses at age 25 was totally different for those that had never lived through many years of childhood enduring awful trips to pick out glasses... dreading having to put them on and walk in class on the first day of school. Hello ruthless 4th graders with nothing else to do than pick on the new kid with glasses. All that to say... meet Warby Parker and the home try-on box. You simply go to their website, pick out five frames that you'd like to try and they arrive on your door step in 2 days, free of charge!
I loved their packaging, so clever - and such a fun way to jazz up picking out new glasses {for all ages}
I even tried on a pair for fun... I could sport some Warby's!
Many thanks to my girls, Ale and Dottie for introducing me to Warby Parker. J has a fun new pair of glassed en route to Lex!

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