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So happy that Friday is here! It's been a busy - but quick- week and I am ready for two long days with nothing to do. Well, maybe watch some football and do a few little house projects, but not sit at a computer for 8 hours, that's for certain. Let's get to it with my five on Friday. Linking up with September Farm for her oh hey Friday series!

Since it's football season, I thought I would share some of my favorite Auburn goodies today. I put together this cute printable and wanted to share with all my blogger friends - War Eagle!
If you're looking for some auburn gifts, Smather's & Branson has a great collegiate section of items. These coasters are on my wish list for the fall season.

Saw this shirt on Elise's blog and had to share. How more perfect could this be for a girls night in? 

Tomorrow we are heading to Roanoke for a Bill Engvall show. Ever since the hubs and I went to Second City on a trip to Chicago in 2008, we love comedy shows. I wouldn't exactly call myself a connoisseur of the trade - but it's a fun outing that gives us something different to do. I'm looking forward to a night in the big city!

Leaving you with a fun quote from Joan

Cheers to a great weekend ladies!

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