Lent and Fish

Lent is upon us! Year after year, right around this time, all of the fast-food chains start competing for the "best fish on the market." I even saw that Krystal has a new "Krystal Fish," wonder how that is at 3 a.m. Guess only those of you in Mobile, Ala. will get the chance to let us know. But, I always wonder how many people this actually draws in the door.... I mean, you could just have PB&J on Fridays, but heck - why not venture out for a filet-o-fish? So, that's what we did!

I think it's become a tradition for us {ok, maybe one that started just last year}, but year two makes it a tradition, right?  So, today for lunch we went to mass at 12:15 and ventured out for our second annual Ash Wednesday fish sammie battle of the filet's.  {HaHa.. my husband is going to die laughing when he reads this.} In reality, we are not your typical fast foodies. We eat Subway on occasion and sometimes grab a box of chicken nuggets while on the road, but that's about it.  So, today is sorta like a special treat to kick of the lenten season. {Which is supposed to be a day of fasting, I know. But this girls gotta eat - so off to the fast food mecca we went.} This years' choice - the Charbroiled Atlantic Cod Sandwich from Hardee's.  Folks, this was not too shabby!  Yes, it was shaped like a square - which is odd - but it tasted wonderful. Not too fishy, not too salty or grilled, just right! It also came in at 380 calories and 19 grams of protein. If you remove the tarter sauce, I'm sure you could get the 18 grams of fat down a lot. Not as healthy as cooking at home, but overall - I was throughly impressed with my $3.99 quick lunch.

I will say, sometimes nothing beats a good old fried fish patty on white bread with pickles... but I feel a lil bit better with our selection today.  What's your go-to non-meat during lent?

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