Creating a Cozy Porch

Today, I'm on the hunt for the perfect patio/porch for our new place.  We love being outside, so our new deck is going to be a hot spot once we make our big move across town.  We could make due with some of the outdoor furniture we have, but I since we spend so much time outside, I'd like to be sure it has a fresh new look that fits us, instead of what is there now.

Here are some ideas... my biggest decision is going to be furniture and what color {if any} we paint the door. We have a gray house with {soon to be} black accents. What would you go for? 
I'm loving the yellow and green... but wondering what it will be like in the winter. 
Will it fit? Is it too much? What's your take on a fun colored door?

These are my favorite patio chairs at the moment.
A mix of traditional and fun. via World Market.

Plants are also important for a cozy feel. We have a great dogwood on the side of the deck that gives us some shade, but I'm looking for some great pots to fill with plants for the deck. 

 Look how fun these are for little side tables. 

Throw pillows are an easy color addition! I am loving the bright colors for spring and summer... and the beachy designs remind me of home.

What else would you say makes a porch really cozy?

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  1. We can def help ya'll out in the stump/"side table" department! Loving all your ideas and just in time for the warm(er) weather!