8th & 9th Day of Christmas

This weekend we are spent Saturday in FULL Christmas mode, right in he heart of Christmas cheer... Times Square, NYC!  We started our full day with a run through Central Park, brunch at Sarabeth's on the park. {AMAZING!} Took a quick sneak-peak at the Plaza hotel... and then a nice walk done 5th Ave to see some Christmas decor. {BEAUTIFUL}  The next stop leads me to another favorite holiday tradition...

#8 The Radio City Christmas Spectacular

On the very top of my NYC list was to see my favorite dancer on stage at Radio City Music Hall!  Haley and I have been friends since I can really remember... and we pretty much made it through Baker High School with each other by our side... Haley at the dance studio {and traveling the country performing} and me, on the court or field during most of my free time. She's always been there every step of the way and I've tried my best to be there for her when I can... and visiting her in NYC was a must!

We really enjoyed watching her on stage and THOROUGHLY enjoyed our back-stage tour. There is so much history at Radio City, we were all amazed.  Mag took lots of pics she will share soon... but I did have one snap shot of us on the Radio City stage!

Next stop is Ice Skating in Rockefeller Center, which leads me to my holiday tradition...

#9 Ice Skating

What could be more fun that strapping on some old school ice skates and hitting the ice for some silly fun? Growing up in the deep south, this wasn't on the traditions list as a kid, but more so on the adult wish list since moving to the north more north. :)  I have been a few times since moving to Virginia and love it!  Find a rink near you and test out your feet... you never know how good you just might be!

Good luck and have FUN!! 

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