4th Day of Christmas

#4 Egg Nog

This special toast goes out to my good friends, The Hollomon's. I do miss having them down the street more than anything ...but maybe it's a good thing during this season, because I'm pretty sure anytime we are all together during the holiday season, we consume more egg nog than is possibly healthy for one person. Especially including the amount of bourbon in our glass. :)  Before we met Matt and Megan, I never really thought much of the milky white drink... and then, Matt made me a glass with delicious spices and just the right amount of Bourbon, and Yummy!! I can barely wait for December before we stock up the fridge!! So, Sunday night after mass we swung by the local Kroger for some low-fat Krogar brand egg nog to have in hand while trimming the tree {or just sitting on the sofa}. It was mighty delicious... and I think I may just need to head to the gym after work today today, so I can enjoy another glass tonight!

...if only I had a nice cozy fire to curl up to with my drink in hand. I guess the hubs will have to do for tonight.  Cheers to the Holidays... and yummy egg nog!  Thanks Hollomons for encouraging this fabulous tradition. I can't wait to have a glass with you in the big apple this weekend!!!

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  1. Yes, yes and yes! Bring on 'nog!!! Can't wait until NYC!!!