7th Day of Christmas

# 7 Wrapping Presents {with great BIG bows} 

As many of you probably know by now... I love to craft... and wrapping presents with great big bows is right up there on the top of my list!  I do love finding the perfect gifts for all my friends and family ... one that will make them smile and maybe something that's a little out of the ordinary... or straight from my crafting room. :)  However, wrapping gifts and finding beautiful ribbon for the bow is also one of my favorite holiday traditions.

Even after I left for college... and possibly up until this year, my mom would always wrap all her gifts and leave them stacked under the tree until I got home so I could put big bows on each of them. I may need to send some elves down to help this year... however, I'm sure my sister in law will be able to do the trick!

Here are some fun ways to wrap your packages that I love:

I found these on Etsy - super cute - but you could totally make them yourself!

I thought these were fun for kids - I love to put a small toy on the outside for the kids! 

...and of course, Pottery Barn always makes a great package! 

What types/colors of paper and bows do you like to use?  Any fun new ideas this year? 

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