3rd Day of Christmas

#3 Ornaments

My husband and I travel {a lot} and even-though the travels have slowed down quite a bit since we first met, we still enjoy hoping on a place to head to a conference for work or to visit so many of our fabulous friends all over the US. Since he loves Christmas almost as much as I do we started a fun tradition about 5 years ago. We try and pick up an ornament from every trip we take, so at Christmas each year we can look back and remember all the fun times we shared.  Here are just a few we picked up this year:

Pensacola, FL  ~ Fairhope, AL

Jamaica  ~ Annapolis, MD

Virginia Beach, VA  ~  Memphis, TN 
 (And one from Christnmas 2011, but  this was the first time on the tree)

Those we missed:
Nashville, TN
Key West, FL
Charleston, SC
Palm Springs, CA

... and one from NY is yet to come!

We also have started a new tradition, where we buy an ornament for each other each year and unwrap it when we decorate the tree.  This year I decided to make Jesse's instead.

I used our wedding program and covered an ornament using paper mache'.  It was super fun to make and will be a great memory to have on our tree!

What kind of ornaments do you have on your tree? Any fun traditions you share with your loved ones?

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