5th Day of Christmas

Call me old school, but who else loves getting MAIL?!?! You know, the kind that is delivered by hand from the sweet lil postman each day at your house... not a buzz, text, tweet or ding... just a piece of old school mail.  Well, call me nostalgic, but one of my favorite parts of our wedding year was coming home to letters, cards and boxes from our friends and family all over the country! It's just nice to know someone is thinking about you. :)  Which brings me to number 5 on my Christmas traditions list...

#5 Christmas Cards

Shout out to two of besties who were the first cards to arrive...

Love my yellow labs, Harley & Gipper in each... and Sophie girl too!

I was trying to be on the ball this year and ordered our cards early last week in hopes to have them in the mail by now.... well, thanks Snapfish for your terrible customer service. Good thing I love my cards, but you stink at service.  I couldn't decide on which card to get... so I went with two and got 60 of each. Well, on Monday 60 showed up at my office... I thought the others would be close behind - no such luck. So on Tuesday afternoon I decided to check on my order, only to find out they have been CANCELED.  Do what?  Yep, no email... no notification... nada.  So, I follow the steps and to to contact them... we chat online... they can't help...so we email... they can't help... so I call... they can't help either. Then, I get an email today saying the picture quality was "too high of resolution." Now come on, give me a break... I work in communications - that is NOT possible. The best part is that they said if I tried to re-order it wouldn't work. Geeze... so I'm wondering, do I re-order and pay more, since now my coupon won't work or just go to another site all together? The problem is ... they are super cute!  Here's a sneak peak at card #1, that is in the mail to 60 peeps.. and card #2 that may never come. :(  

I hope the other 60 of you actually get cards this year... at this rate, this may be all you see! :) 

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  1. Thanks for (another) shout-out! Definitely feeling the blog love from you lady! Hope everything works out with your cards...both are super cute but I think the first one is my fav:)