6th Day of Christmas

#6 Holiday K-cups

The Keurig Coffee Machine might be one of my most favorite gifts I've ever received... and three years later, it's still going strong - every morning!  I am very much a coffee girl... but not the Starbucks, Dunkin' Doughnut kind - more of a simple Folgers' girl here.  However, when the holiday season rolls around - nothing delights me more than a fresh brewed cup of French Toast, Gingerbread or Egg Nog coffee from Green Mountain!   They are just delicious... and a fabulous way to start your day!

Thanks to Mom & Pops, we have a great big supply... an early birthday and Christmas gift... that I can enjoy all season long!  Cheers to the coffee drinkers out there and if you haven't had any of the Holiday Coffee Collection, please - get your but to the store and get you some, it will change your morning!

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