Last week I was nostalgic for summer to end... how I love the long sunny days by the pool, on the river... driving to find the closest beach we can sink our toes into.  But this week I have had a change of heart... I'm dying for crisp fall mornings, football Saturdays, the smell of BBQ across the plains of Auburn and bonfires late into the night with s'mores in abundance.

Not really sure why the sudden change of heart... but I am ready to pull on my Blue and Orange and head south for some football!  This is somewhat odd most would say... for a beach girl, who wears still packs her swimsuit on thanksgiving vacation just in case a warm day allows for some beach time! But, I guess being in Virginia kinda wears on you... something about the mountains and beautiful fall leaves that leaves you longing for them every fall.

So, today the hubs scooped me up for lunch and surprised me with a trip that took me back to the plains. 60 West Market - a hole in the wall quaint little place just on the outskirts of town has "Wild Wings Thursdays"... which means delicious BBQ wings, right off the smoker... and full of flavors of tailgating and fall!  We grabbed a box of 25 wings, a tub of macaroni salad and two bottled waters {plus some banana pudding I snagged on a trip back inside} and had a picnic right out front of the convenience store. With the smoker in full swing and the fall breeze on the way... I was in heaven!

Delicious wings! 

 Meet the grill-master! 
 ...and the view from the Market isn't too bad either! 

It was a brief trip, before hitting the sun on the way back to the car and realizing that summer is still, very much here.  :)  Maybe we'll sneak away for one more beach trip before the summer sneaks away... but I'm eager for fall and short cool days in the valley! 

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  1. What a sweet little surprise for J to plan! I'm also ready for the fall and all the fun it brings...with pumpkin-dip topping the list of course! :)