10 Years & 1 Bid Later

10 Years... It seems like a really long time when you think about where you'll be in 10 years... or what you'll be doing in 10 years... or maybe your nephew is 10 years old {woof - that ones hard to stomach, join the club} ... 10 years seems like entirety!  Unless it's in the past. Like your 10 year high school reunion {checked that one off this year} or the 10 years that you lived in your childhood home... or 10 years that you've been married or dating.

This month marks the 10th Anniversary of when I packed up my blue little jeep with picture frames, bedding, lamps, books, school supplies, my very first lap-top computer {and every piece of clothing, jewelry & shoes that I owned} and headed north to the plains of Auburn.

I was so ready for my freshman year of college - and for Sorority Recruitment!  I think back now to how I felt attending the parties and meeting new girls - I loved it! So much so, that my roommate and I would come home at night and tell stories about how hilarious xyz sorority was, and ridiculous abc sorority looked jumping up and down and bopping their heads to the music. Now, don't get me wrong - I LOVED recruitment... and everything that comes along with it... matching outfits, cheesy chats, slaving over decor and skits and outfits and speakers... and yes, even work-week. I loved it all!  But, when I read various girls blogs about how dumb it is and how they would never want to be a part of anything so superficial - I'm calling your bluff. Yes you do, it's just so overwhelming that you don't want to take the time to understand it and appreciate what it's all about. I get where you're coming from - parts are cheesy and silly - but that's what it's all about.  My wonderful freshman year roommate and I used to see who could tell the best story during each party. Said roommate once spent an entire party {yes, 20 minutes} talking about TCBY. The flavors, the shakes, how she loved eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner... working there... {almost} living there... where the closest one was to us, etc. It was amazing - but she had a blast and so did the girl. Guess what, they loved her - and she got invited back.  We would tell stories about crazy vacations we went on {only in our dreams} and about all our talents that we had {also in our dreams as well}. But most of the sororities bought it - and it seemed to work just fine for us. Really though, we were really just being ourselves. Yes - we worried about what we wore {terrible outfits that we thought were cute in 2002} and if they liked us. But, I'm so lucky that we were fortunate enough to really enjoy the whole crazy process too.  I think this was mostly in part because of my fabulous roomy - who kept it all light-hearted and fun - even once bid day arrived and we both opened our bids to chapters that we knew nothing about.  I cried.  She laughed. and our mom's didn't know what to do with us. The funny part of it all... we really had both been placed exactly where we needed to be and today - I don't think either of us would change a thing.

So that's why going through recruitment was so much fun for me - Yes, I will admit I knew what was going on - I knew how it worked - what to say and what to not say, how to act and make each and every chapter feel like THEY were the ones that I wanted on bid day. {Hey, I was just helping out my own cause.}  I did want to be with every one of them on bid day {I had lots of favorites} and really in the end it was just a toss up with who cut me first and who I had to cut because I couldn't fit another party in my schedule. But, looking back - I know now why God placed me in the hands of AOII. I was meant to do something spectacular with that bid - and I've spent the last 10 years trying.

So, as high school graduates around the country pack up their things and head off to college - I'm dripping with envy and excitement for what lies ahead. {I guess here is where I'm supposed to tell you why you should go through recruitment and why you should go Greek, but} I think that in the end - I just wanted to share my story and have a good laugh about the memories.

Thanks roomie for giving me such fond memories about being on the other side of Sorority Recruitment!  Most would say, "If I knew then what I know now..." Well, I'm kinda glad it all worked out the way it did - it was fun being in our shoes, 18 and clueless.

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