I know I have blogged many times before about being crafty... but I forget to mention my best trait of all {or so my husband says} - my Thriftiness. I LOVE to find a bargain!  From clothes & accessories to household goods... and everything in between. I am always on the search.  More often than not, if I'm out of town and spot a Ross - I pull over for 20 minutes just to check the dresses...and household goods and decor aisles {ok, pretty much a quick run through the whole store only takes 20 minutes when you know what you're looking for} too! I can usually spot a good deal, but sometimes I buy it just for the price and then toss it to the back of the closet, maybe to be worn once.  So, this weekend - we have decided to rid our clutter once and for all and hold a YARD SALE!  Now, we have had a few in the past... but this time if it doesn't sell, it's going to Goodwill. Nothing comes back inside!

The hardest question for me - is how to price my items. So, tonight I was doing some research and found some great advice from the yard sale queen. Take a look at her blog - she's great!   She gives you some good pointers on keeping your eye out for those tricky customers... and also how to get the men to let their wives stop and shop.  I'll definitely be taking full advantage!

If you're out and about and looking for some deals Saturday - stop on by. The corner of Preston and Jefferson in Lex!  We got some great deals for everyone.

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