Organize Me Please.

I love being organized!  However, in the busy days that pass by quicker than I can cross them off the calendar I am reminded {on a weekly basis} at how un-organized I really am.  So, lately I have been trying to tackle small projects that I keep putting off don't have time to do. Today, I wanted to share a few small projects that will make you feel super organized!  

Need some fun wall decor for your closet/bathroom/bedroom?
 Find an old mirror or frame like this one, remove the middle and hang up your earrings to give the space. Make them look cute while doing it by using lace, instead of wire.

Don't have time to make yourself? Visit The Vintage Treehouse on Etsy and put in your order. 

If only I had the closet space for this one.... 
You could also use an old bookshelf - just add small wire hooks for your bags. 

My craft closet could use this A.S.A.P.

Perfect use for baby food jars - all you need is a friend with a baby 
{who also works, has multiple community commitments, and doesn't have time to make homemade baby food every night}, chalkboard paint and chalk!

Summertime is here - Time to dust off the flip-flops!  
The perfect solution to ensure that all the flips have their pair and keep you from forgetting about the old pair that gets hidden under the pile in your closet. 

Happy Organizing!! 

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