It's Derby Time

Which only can mean one thing... it's time to grab the Maker's and dust off your hats for a fresh new look. As you can see from these ladies, it's easy to spruce up an old look just by adding some festive flowers, feathers, ribbons and berries!!  I just love Derby time... any excuse to wear something crafty on your head and not look ridiculous is right up my ally!  So, let's see what you think... which one is your favorite??

Love the fabulous colors and designs... O how I wish we were going to the derby this year... heck, maybe I'll break a new hat anyway, just for fun!!

1 comment:

  1. The first two take my vote! Love that turqoise color...it's fresh with an edge that says "keep the juleps coming or I'll get all black swan on your a**" :)