Dressed for a Wedding

So, if any of you are like me at this point in my life... I have developed quite the collection of bridesmaids dresses. However, every time I get to be a guest at a wedding I feel lost about what to wear?? I guess I am so used to being told exactly what to wear - down to the earrings and shoes - that when I get to pick, I have no idea what to do!

This weekend we have a really fabulous wedding to attend (shout out to K&T) and I had great intentions of recycling something from my closet or even a bridesmaids dress... well,  the closer we get to the wedding the more I just can't commit - to a dress that is.  I keep seeing Facebook flooded with weddings and cute spring dresses, and I want something new and fun to wear too!  So, at lunch today I popped in one of our cute little shops downtown , Pollagallo - check them out, such a fun store!

....and this is what I came out with!  I also remembered that I had a return credit with them, so the dress was a steal.

After getting home and doing some searching, I found it online too - and if you have never shopped Couture Candy before, use the discount code WISH to get 20% off. 

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