2017 Luck of the Irish!

St. Patrick's Day sorta came and went this year, in the quickest way possible. They same time speeds up the older you get, and I would certainly have to agree that I'm feeling it.
My mom is still in town with us for another week, so she kept Annalee on Thursday to do some St. Patty's crafting. They baked cupcakes...
 ...and made the sweetest lil treats for her friends at school. Twizzler rainbows with a pot o' gold!

They were super simple to make, we used rainbow Twizzlers for the arch and Rolos for the 'gold.' Gold coins would have been just as cute, but we couldn't find any. You basically put together the rainbow, slide it in a treat bag, add your 'gold', and tie with a bow. So simple and fun!

We have my biggest fundraiser at work tomorrow, so I spent St. Patty's day setting up with my crew. Looking forward to a great evening of casino games, auctions, dinner and dancing. Wish me luck!!

We also made it to 20 weeks for baby #2. I did a quick recap of weeks 10-16 earlier this week, if you wanna catch up on baby updates.
Aannlee (left) | Baby #2 (right)

This is a fun picture of me with Annalee at 20 weeks, and me with baby #2 at 20 weeks. I just happened to wear the same shirt one day this week, so we snapped a quick pic.

Cheers to a great weekend friends!

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