Fun with GranDe

We had so much fun having GranDe in town for a little over two weeks!! I will say this, we certainly ate well, stayed up way too late and made lots of really great memories.

I wanted to share a few pictures from her visit. We spent a great 4 days in Charleston/Folly Beach and GranDe survived the 6 hour road trip home. It was wonderful not having to climb in the backseat every hour. :)

We celebrated national pancake day with GranDe's pancakes!

Annalee went to Mimi's in the mornings, and we picked her up after her afternoon nap and delivered her home to Mom - so they could play/cook dinner. Annalee became quite the chef with GranDe in town.

We celebrated Jesse's birthday - Mom and Annalee made a yummy carrot cake and babysat so we could go to dinner with friends. 

We celebrated Hadley's 2nd birthday and spent the afternoon at Great Valley Farm Brewery. 

It snowed!! 
Mom and Annalee has a fun snow day at home... making snowballs and throwing them in the toilet. 
 They had fun making cupcakes for her class and treats for St. Patty's day

I had one of my biggest work events - our 80th Annual Dinner Dance and Auction - and mom came with us! 

 Jesse was a judge at our local chili-cook off last weekend. 

Mom kept Annalee her last two days in town and they had lots of fun... chasing airplanes (or helicopters) - a new obsession. 

Spending time at the Library. 

"Golfing" with her new golf set from GranDe.

and playing "dollhouse"... GranDe is the best!

And that's a wrap. It was a great two weeks. We love you, GranDe!!  Come back soon!

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