Five for Friday: HBD Papa Sam

It's Fri-YAY! And we have another weekend at home on the horizon, which makes me so very happy. Don't get me wrong - I loved all of our summer trips - but the thought of no packing {which is good, considering my suitcase is still in need of unpacking from two weekends ago} and not having to strap little miss in a car seat for umpteen hours - is good for the soul.

Thought I would join in a Five on Friday.

One. Wishing a super-duper Happy Birthday to my Pops!! Sending you lots of love from Virginia. Wish we could be there to celebrate with you today, but we're toasting with you in spirit. We love you SO!!

Two. Cortibalm has been a savior for my lips these days. If you're looking for a good lip balm. This is it! My pharmacist ordered it since they didn't carry it in store, but you can also get it online pretty cheap.

Three. Last week I added this lovely to my Ulta order {to get to my $50 for free shipping} and it was a great little find! It smells so good - takes me back to the islands - and adds great lift to my long locks. Will be a repeat for sure.

Four. Has anyone tried TredUp for selling clothes? I cleaned out my closet once already this summer. And I just feel like it's time once again. This time, dress clothes and dresses, which are still in style and cute, but I'm just tired of them. So I ordered a sell bag from ThredUp and thought I would send them off to be sold or donated. We'll see if I have any luck. They say they only buy 40% of what they receive.
Five. Tomorrow is our local Community Festival in downtown Lex. I was the chair of the festival in 2013 and this year my hubs is the chair. We have over 200 craft and art vendors that line the streets of downtown... music runs throughout the day and everything from kettle corn to funnel cakes fill the air. It's such a fun little small town fest - where you see all the usual suspects. Certainly looking forward to it!

Cheers to a great weekend friends!

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