Annalee's first Dollhouse

This girl. Man, she just gets more and more fun every day. We surprised her with Little People Dollhouse on Sunday. Her reaction was worth every penny. I wish we would have video taped J carrying it in the house. She was SO happy! And she has played with it every morning and every night since.

We have tried to be pretty frugal when it comes to purchases for little miss. Only things that are 'needed' usually make the list, with an occasional new outfit. Don't get me wrong - the girl has more toys, puzzles, books and outfits then I can count, and certainly well more than she needs. But we are lucky enough to have great friends and family that are great gift-givers.

We didn't get her much for her birthday, since we knew others would shower her with goodies and I really couldn't decide on anything that she needed or could use right now.

However, after seeing how much she loves placing little things in spots around the house and carrying animals or puzzle pieces, I thought a doll house would be the perfect toy. And it was!

This age of discovery is just so fun.

Now, I did have three toy returns that were double-gifts from her first birthday party. So really those paid for it in itself, but it was fun picking it out! 

Speaking of toys... remember this cute table I got J for our 'wooden anniversary.' 
It has now been taken over by toys. but it really is the perfect toy shelf, sorry babe!

Cheers to a good week friends! We are working for Friday... when it's off to the Rivah' for a weekend of relaxation. 

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