5 Years | Traditional Anniversary Gifts for Him

We celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary on Saturday - complete with a birthday party for our sweet little one - and leftovers on the sofa and an early bedtime for us. It wasn't fine dining or a trip to the islands, like we had planned, but truly was the perfect way to celebrate 5 wonderful years of marriage. 

We got to celebrate our most precious gift to one another, Miss Annalee, and were surrounded by our Lexington friends, who really are like family. 

We do like being creative with the "traditional anniversary gifts" to one another, so today I thought it would be fun to re-cap what I have given Jesse over the past 5 years. 

Year One | Paper
Men's Map Cufflinks using our wedding location and our honeymoon location.

Year Two | Cotton
The perfect throw pillow for our sofa and a fun little gift for him to wear to work.

Year Three | Leather
Leather Sunglass Strap was the perfect gift for J. Part of our gifts to our wedding party were "Tracy & Jesse" sunglass straps... if that tells you how much we love them.  I guess you can say we're sunglass strap peeps. We love a good pair. 

Year Four | Fruits & Flowers
I got a little creative with the fruits and flowers for year four. 

Year Five | Wood
I found the perfect little re-furbished end table for our living room at The Urban Farm Girl in BV. 

Cheers to 5 wonderful years babe!  I love you!!

Celebration re-caps:

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  1. How creative Tracy! We do traditional gifts too. (With year 6 coming for us in August your post prompted me to look up what it will be). It's candy! :) Clay is going to love this one and you can start brainstorming for next year!
    Happy 5th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Lyons!