Cupshe Swim

There are so many fun new styles out there for bathing suites. Especially for mommas - like me - who still haven't grasped the one piece, but also don't really feel comfortable in their old bikinis.   Swimwear by Cupshe is my new favorite (and affordable) shop for suits! The three below are on the way to my house now!

These are also super cute!

Shipping can take awhile, so order early! 
Save 18% and get free shipping with code FOURDIVISIONS. 


  1. These are so cute!!I want some!! can't wait to hear what you think when you get them!

  2. i've been so curious about cupshe because i love their designs...but i have a larger chest. i wonder if they would work for me? :(

    1. I loved that they show you lots of real gals in their pictures... even pregnant mommas! And it looks like they fit them well! I'll let you know how they run though.