Celebation USA

For the past 14 years,  the 'Moore Street' house has hosted a fourth of July party dubbed, Celebation. It's basically a uber cheesy themed party complete with jello shots, games and lots of American spirit.

We moved into the Moore Street house in 2014, and while we did hold celebration parties in 2014 and 2015, this was the first real 'party' since 2013.

A little inside decor and a clean house. yay!

These were about the extent of my baking for the party... hot dogs and hamburgers were the real hit!
Annalee and friends made an early appearance and then was tucked into bed to let the adults play.

The kids corner.
Dinner outside.
Let the games begin.
With special guests... Mere and Stu! So good seeing you guys. Miss ya!
Until next year.

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