Welcome May | Molly's visit

Happy May friends!!

May is absolutely one of my favorite months! It's still spring, warm days mixed in with cool nights... and the even so slight glimpse of summer on the horizon. Which always means beach vacations and pool days are ahead. It's also the month we said "I Do!" and become parents. So much joy to celebrate in May!

We kicked off the month right with a visit from Miss Molly, my roommate after college and one of my best friends that still lives in Nashville. It was her first time meeting Annalee and it was love at first sight - me too girlfriend. We had a great weekend - filled with lots of gabbing, cocktails, and a few dance parties...
Love our visits... and only wish they lasted longer. 
Sunday brunch in Roanoke at Thelma's Chicken and Waffles - amazing. 

More scenes from our weekend... lots of walks with Miss Annalee.

And watching her learn to walk. My days are limited friends...

May is going to be a busy month - with so many celebrations!

My top 10 for May:
Molly's visit
A Trip to Charleston to visit the Hatch's 
Annalee starts Swim Lessons
DC for Dad
Annalee's First Birthday Party
A Sprinkle for Meg
Annalee Turns One
The Gulf Coast for Memorial Day
Beach Days
GranDe is Retiring

Cheers to a great month! 

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  1. How much fun!!! Love having friends visit
    Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com