Stripes on Friday

Stripes Stripes and more Stripes! I'm obsessed. Everywhere I turn I see more that I love, so I thought today I would round up some of my favorites for Five on Friday

$28.00 via Etsy  

$29.99 via Target

 $14.94 via Old Navy

$23.50 via. J.Crew Factory

$21.99 via GroopDealz

Join in the link-up for Five on Friday. Grab the button below and write about five of your favorites. 

Hope everyone has a great Friday. J is out of town, so it's just me and little bit for a few days. 

We have some Valentine's crafting to do - and a couple of Ikea boxes staring at me ready to be unpacked. New bar stools. YAY! We've been adding some final touches on the house that we never got around to two years ago when we moved. I think we just ran out of time and money. haha Once we finally finish, I'll get a post up. 

Looking forward to Sunday and cheering on our Auburn Tiger... Cam the man. Go Panthers! 

Happy weekend friends! 

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