Hearts and Hugs

Our little stinker in her Valentine's day dress from cousin Emi. 
We had a great little Valentine's day week. that started a little early, aka, last sunday with doughnuts at Pure Eats after church.  The hubs had to travel early Friday to late Sunday, so we celebrated our Valentine's dinner at The Bistro on Wednesday, with Miss Annalee in tow - who was such an angel for us. After work we went to Ash Wednesday mass and decided just to go out and celebrate an early Valentine's. It was perfect.

J jetted off to Reno, NV early Friday and sweet pea and I had a nice low-key weekend - complete with pj's. Fixer-upper reruns, and lots of snuggle time.

I think Miss Annalee has finally found hr grove for sleep - going down between 8-9 and sleeping until around 7. It's been so nice for momma, but also for her - she wakes up so happy and rested! She has also been taking some good naps. Why are sleeping babies so darn cute?
That's mommy's Valentine's gift from daddy in the pic... he knows I love a good Lilly scarf!

J sent beautiful flowers to the office on Friday, and Mimi sent Annalee home with lots of valentine goodies for mommy and daddy. The card was my favorite.

Annalee is officially on the move these days. Time to start cleaning the floors and baby-proofing the house. Maybe that's how we'll spend our snow day today.

Happy President's Day my friends! We have a good couple inches on the ground already.

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  1. The valentines crafts are the cutest!!! Enjoy the snow!