Weekending and Fall Meal Planning

We had a wonderful fall weekend at home. We slept in {well, more like hanging out in your pj's}, watched football, ate lots of good food, and hung out around the house. We were most excited because Daddy was home and it's finally fall!  Here's a glimpse of our days...

Lots of lounging around in our PJ's.

Celebrating 19 weeks. 

Dinner at Haywood's Saturday night.

A little porch sitting' with our little pumpkin.

We did a little meal planning for the week and I am looking forward to lots of fall dishes we have on the menu.

Sunday - Pork chops with roasted butternut squash and green beans
Monday - 16-bean soup with ham slices and cornbread
Tuesday - Tenderloin with sliced apples and sweet potatoes
Wednesday - Grilled Sway with wild rice and broccoli 
Thursday - Business After Hours at Boxerwood Gardens

Cheers to a beautiful week ahead, cool crisp mornings and beautiful fall leaves. Have a good one y'all!

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  1. That last picture of her cracks me up! Your menu looks delish!