Fridays in the Fall

It's Friday, y'all! How about four straight days of sunshine to top it off? I'll take it. We have been outside soaking up as much as this fall weather as we can. However, the hubs has been gone three days this week - and this single parent thing is for the birds. The mornings have been entertaining to say the least. We miss you daddy!

Here's to a great Friday!! Linking up with the gals here and here to share five things on my mind.

{one} Last weekend I made these delicious hamburger sliders for game day. They were the perfect little bite-size snacks... that left you wanting more. #ishouldhavemadedouble

{two} It's been awhile since I crafted, but I came across an idea to bleach pinecones and I'm starting to think I need to go on a pinecone hunt this weekend. I thought these little white pinecones would make great decor for the fall and Christmas. Such a fun idea!

{three} My sister-in-law sent the cutest package of fall bodies for little miss, including these adorable pumpkin rattles. They are super soft, include ribbons and have the perfect little rattle to them.
Annalee agrees. 
Interested in your own? A Rooster's Song can hook you up! 

{four} On Sunday we started the freezer challenge to try and get our grocery bill down. I only had $30 to buy meals for the week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Impossible, yes. But that's not all we're eating. We have lots of things in the freezer that we needed to eat. The goal this week was to put it to use. I must say that we did pretty good and didn't skimp on the flavor. We enjoyed turkey sausage dogs with peppers and onions, loaded baked potatoes, lasagna, shrimp salads, soup and grilled cheese, and a veggie pasta bake. It was a creative week - but we were actually able to throw together 4 meals and 4 lunches thus far. It was also pretty fun to do!

{five} I am dying to host a backyard outdoor movie night. It's been on the bucket list since I first moved to VA and started enjoying this beautiful weather. Then, I opened my Southern Living this month and there it was again - maybe it's a sign that this is the year.

How cute is this set-up from Samantha!

 Looking forward to a nice fall weekend ahead.... the leaves are so close to peak. 

Have a good one y'all!

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  1. What's the freezer challenge all about? Also-love the pine cone idea!