For the love of Color!

After returning from some much needed relaxing vacation/family time in Key West [lots of pictures to come] I'm itching for spring to be here already. I feel like I have spent most of the day lost in a Target color commercial...searching for ways to share many shades of color in everything!! If you know me at all - you know I LOVE color! Yes, my bridesmaid's dresses were a sunny bright yellow... and my closet is full of stripes, floral patterns, neon shades and a hot new pair of royal blue jeans that I picked up this weekend. [I can't wait to break them out next weekend] So, today I felt inspired to share you with this colorful post.

Really... Dress like a cupcake should feel. Sweet and FULL of Sugar!!


  1. Why wait for the weekend?!? I say you strut into work one day this week showcasing those new royal blue jeans! That will surely turn a few heads in the office:)