String Easter Eggs

With Easter season in full bloom (literally) I decided I would get crafty for some new decor for the heezy. Many thanks to Alissa for her fabulous guidance on this fun yarn Easter egg idea. I made them from string - embroidery floss works best, but I'm sure you could experiment with others.

This was my inspiration. I could only find a couple colors in our small little town, so I went with pink and yellow. I liked her selection of colors though... use whatever you feel would match best! I even thought about using all white and matching them with a burlap runner - so shabby chic, and CUTE!

So, we got started. Just like Alissa, I used Sta-Flo liquid starch and flour to make this gooey paste. 
1 cup of Sta-Flo
1/2 cup of flour (not flower)

[Feel free to double if needed. This recipe made about 10 small eggs]

I used two bowls, one to mix and one to place a small amount in when I dipped my string. The best is to coil your string around the outside of the bowl so it doesn't get knotted. Just use your best judgement to measure out your string. It works just as good if you have to apply several layers to your egg! 

For small eggs I used water balloons to make the form. 
NOTE - water balloons are VERY hard to blow up by yourself. Stretch them out a little with your hands and then get someone who has a good set of lungs to help! Then, wrap your string around the balloon like above. Be sure to wipe off the gooey excess, you don't need it to be drippy {like you see above} it makes it hard to clean at the end. 

It will take several hours for them to dry. Once they are dry, pop the balloon! 
I had lots of crusty goo around my string, so I scraped it off with a tooth-pick. 
It would be best if you scrapped when it was wet instead.

Once they were done, I placed them in a pretty glass bowl as a centerpiece on our table. 

Ta-da - Instant Easter centerpiece! 

Hope you enjoy making this Easter craft!  I have lots of extra supplies, so I may have to make some more this season. 

More spring crafts and house projects to come... so stay tuned! 

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