Toys from my Childhood

Despite the tough month it's been I've really tried to make the best of it. I got to spend a week at home with my Mom and Dad, something that hasn't happened in years... maybe more. I was able to not only cook and clean, but help mom clean-out. We went through old toys and books... dolls, yearbooks, pictures, etc. We took several bags to Goodwill, threw away lots, and even made a 'throw-bag' for my Dad for Mardi Gras. Any stuffed animals that were clean, in good shape and with nothing hard on them will get thrown in Dad's parade next February. On to new homes!
Atlanta 1996... was that really 20 years ago? 

My dear Troll friends, I hope you find a new home with a little one that loves you like I did. 

I did make two boxes for Annalee to keep. One was my birthday angels. Which were all wrapped in newspaper and thrown in a box. I'm actually shocked that only two of them had small broken pieces that were easily fixable. We cleaned them up, wrapped them in bubble paper, labeled each year and have them ready to go for Miss Annalee. New baby and #1 are now on Annalee's dresser.
I also kept my My Little Pony's and my cabbage patch dolls for her to have one day. After a bath...

And some sun-bathing...

They are good as new.
I brought back one baby for her to have right now.  I'd say she loves her. 
We didn't get to all the boxes... like my dance costumes, barbies, and Quints. Was anyone else obsessed like I was with these babies? I have a toolbox - literally - full of their stuff.
Let's just say, thank goodness I don't have real quints today.  Side note - has anyone watched OutDaughtered? I don't know how they do it.

Anyways, I thought it was fun to rummage through my old toys and be able to pass some down to Miss Annalee. What were your favorites as a kid? Did you save any for your little ones?


  1. Oh this is bringing back so many memories of my childhood! I wonder where my trolls and cabbage patch kids ended up. And the quints!! Those were good ones. The Lovely Latte

  2. Such a fun post! And Trolls!!! That takes me way back!

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