The 13 days that flew by in September

Hey friends! Man, it's been a quick month thus far. We have been soaking up the cool moorings and hot summer afternoons - and keeping busy on that September bucket list. I also crushed one of my biggest events at work last weekend, just saying', it was awesome!

I thought I would pop-in for a quick update on the September bucket list and others...

{one} We visited somewhere we have never been in VA, crossing off one item from our Sept. bucket list, Lake Moomaw. It's a beautiful state park in Bath County, about an hour and a half from Lex. We spent Sunday afternoon 'at the beach' enjoying a picnic lunch, while chasing Miss Annalee around the rocky beach. It was such a beautiful drive, Bath County is a just an amazing place.
{two} Miss Annalee got a new carseat! Yes, it was quite a hit to the pocket book {man I miss those baby showers. haha jk... only a little bit though}, but it very much needed for our BIG little girl, and Annalee loves it! This is the one we picked.
{three} My child ate an entire apple for an afternoon snack last week. How old are you, 10?
...and another half of a cantaloupe yesterday.
{four} It's football season! We had a big opening weekend at the house, and Annalee got to wear her cute Auburn dress that's been in the closet for over a year. War Eagle!!
{five} My child is terrified of the swing. She actually hates it. It's he only thing we have found that makes her cry... I feel so bad, But it's sorta hilarious.
Please take note of her Sunday outfit...  this one's for Dad. 
Last, but certainly not least. I'm asking for some prayers for my family. I am headed to the coast for the week to visit with my folks. I need to do a long update, but for now - I just ask that all my blogger friends keep my dad (and mom) in your thoughts and prayers. It's been a tough month. Also, some prayers for me as this is my first long trip away from my sweet lil one... and the hubs who will be solo at home for 5 days. Maybe he needs the most prayers.

Cheers to a great week friends! Looking forward to hugging my momma and daddy very soon.

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  1. Sending you love and prayers!

    PS love her auburn dress. Have you tried the Little Tikes swing?