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Linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, September Farm, for her oh, hey! Friday series. If you don't already follow her blog, she's one of my favorites! She will always make you laugh and cry and smile... and just feel good about life. Hop on over to her blog to read-along and link up today! Now here is my five... for Friday!


It's sidewalk sale time here in Lex, and man do they have some deals. We had a staff outing for coffee this morning and hit up a few stores while we were out and about. I snatched up 3 mens sport shirts for $45 each. We're talking Vinyard Vines, Southern Tide and Peter Millar... such a steal. If you're in Lex, be sure and get out early. The deals are going quick! 


I migrated to the adobe Cloud today... has anyone else? I think it's going to be nice to have all the updated software for Photoshop and InDeisgn, just worried about how much time it's going to take to learn a new system.


Who else is loving the new show on Bravo, Jersey Belle? For those of you that aren't from what we like to call "the deep south," don't let them fool you. Y'all these gals are for realz! I can hardly believe  it's all true when I'm watching it, but it really is. I feel like I'm back in Alabama surrounded by anyone or everyone I went to college with. It's funny, and it's sad, and it's hilarious how true it is... and it sorta makes me miss my good ole southern roots. Yes, I'm still in the south - but y'all, Alabama is very different from the valley of Virginia.


Has anyone else taken the Lays challenge?  I'm a potato chip fan - sure, but they are not on my normal shopping list, and only on a special occasion do they actually come home to the Lyons den. Usually it's fourth of July, a beach trip or cookout, where I'm piling them in the buggy, but not on the usual run to the grocery. But gosh darn - they know how to get ya! Have a contest with a featured flavor, I'm sold! It really doesn't matter that this flavor is only a slight variation of the last, or the one that's on the shelf year-round, I' still buying it. So, mango salsa it is. Yes, I opened the bag on the way home from the store as well, no shame. Delish!


We are HOME this weekend ...and I am so excited. Does anyone else feel like it's fall and we have game day to look forward to?  Maybe it's the 65 degree weather outside... or the sidewalk sale on tap... or the music in the park tonight. Or maybe I'm just SO looking forward to house-work and hanging with the hubs?  House-work, who looks forward to that? Well, we're getting close to our house warming party in just a week... so it's going to be a flurry of excitement all weekend with projects, painting, gardening, etc. Can't wait to show off the new digs next week!

Happy Friday friends!!

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