My trip to the Beef State

Our girls weekend in Omaha was so much fun. Not only did we get to explore a fun new city {for all of us}, we got to see this precious gal become a wifey!

Kristan and I worked together at AOII after college. I started in 2007, and she came on the following year to do the same thing I had done - start a new chapter of AOII. The very first day I met Kristan for her interview, I knew she was a rockstar. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but the sweetness in her heart just overflowed with love and kindness. I haven't met a single person who doesn't just love this gal to pieces.... and not a single person who doesn't say the very same things that I am typing here. Meeting all of her hometown friends and family just re-affirmed what a wonderful person she is. We also got to meet her new MR. and he was just precious. All of us were in tears after their sweet, sweet speeches at the reception.... and just loved how much the beamed from ear to ear after the exchanged rings at the alter. SO sweet!

So more on our adventures in Omaha. We touched down before 10am on Friday, so we had a full day of fun ahead of us. We dropped our bags and headed to the old town market to have some brunch and explore. We found lots of great spots for drinks, food and shopping.

I surprised at all the culture downtown. It was a nice mix between old and new. Very old buildings and cobblestone streets, with flowers lining all the room tops of the roof awnings. It was beautiful! 

After lunch, shopping and lots of exploring, we headed back to the hotel for nap time so we could enjoy a fun night out too. But, not before a stop by the Buffalo for a pic! 

We heard they were having a first Friday's art walk, so we joined the locals for some culture... and free vino! 

We had an amazing dinner on the room top at Upstream. Delicious Omaha beef burger. Yum!  We ventured out to a few places for after dinner cocktails and sit seeing. It was a late night for us all... but we rallied and made it up by 8am to enjoy the Omaha Zoo Saturday morning. 

Who doesn't love these sweet animals? So much fun!

The wedding was just beautiful. So thoughtful and full of love... just like it should be. We boarded the party bus with the rest of the bridal party after the ceremony, so we got to enjoy a little extra time with the bride. :) 

It was a fabulous evening full of great memories, lots of dancing and a lil bit of alpha love! :) 

Until next time Omaha,

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