House Remodeling: Open Coffee Cabinet

Out of all the renovations we have done to the new house, this one may have been my favorite! When we started the kitchen renovations, I knew I wanted something different... something to make it stand out, look new and most importantly - different than it was before. I think we achieved just that with opening one of the kitchen cabinets for our coffee service.

This is a peak at the old kitchen pre-painting, and with old appliances as well. 
Our first step was adding crown molding to the tops of the cabinets.
When our painter came, we asked him to leave the door off of the cabinet by the fridge.
Then it sat like this for the past 3 months, while we tried to decide if we wanted it open or not. 
We decided yes, and I'm so glad we did. With our housewarming party just days away, we decided to finally finish it up. Step one, spackle the extra shelf holes. 
I used some q-tips to keep the holes open and clean!
Next, we used Stix to get a nice base on the interior, since the cabinets are laminate.
We let the stix dry overnight and then used two coats of Valspar Superior in Fresh Cotton to finish it off. Bright and cheery!
We measured and ordered two pieces of glass from our local glass factory. It was a perfect fit!
I also replaced the plastic holders with some gold metal ones to dress it up a little.
The finished product. 
The cow is happy with his new home.
Now we are ready for coffee!  Countertops come on Today, so there will be more kitchen pictures to come soon. 
Have a great Tuesday y'all!

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