House Remodeling: Guest Bath Decor

With house renovations well under-way, we are mostly settled in, but still have a "to-do" a mile long. I think after two straight months of painting, packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, renovating, we got a little burnt out. We are just now venturing back to the projects list, in hopes of finishing for our house-warming party next weekend. One project still on the list - decorating the guest bathroom. The major projects are done.... new floor, new sink, fresh walls, new mirror, light, shower curtain, etc. Now for the decorating part. Today, I thought I would share a few of my inspirations for our new look. First, here is what we are working with.

We need to jazz it up a bit! Here are some ideas I'm loving. 

Rustic Bath Mat

I'm leaning towards the chabby-chic look, with a touch of the coast. What do you think? 

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